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“Build your business with public speaking! 
5 steps towards expanding your business globally using your voice!”

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5-9th September 2022

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Normally £297

 During this FREE 5-sessions challenge we are going to help you tap into the power of public speaking and allow your gifts to reach the world.
 We both have years of experience in media & public speaking and we want to share every aspect with you!
 This powerful challenge will help you stand in your power by taking a mic and be bold. During this challenge, we will actively encourage you to connect with your higher self, strengthen your mind and feel positive about your future and your life. This will enlighten you to spot opportunities that you have not been able to see before and create your own legacy.
 By the end of the challenge you will have improved mental clarity, you will feel inspired to go out there and make yourself visible, and speak on stages around the world.

"If you want to empower a woman give her a microphone"

- Mirela Sula, CEO of Global Woman

Utilise public speaking and find your top-paying clients in 5 sessions

 The benefits of public speaking and how to identify them

Many times we don’t know what we don’t know. We will unveil for you the secrets of how to grow - professionally or entrepreneurially - using public speaking as a key tool!

 How to build your confidence in public speaking

You may know that public speaking is one of the biggest fears people face. If that’s you, we will help you to overcome that!

 Create engaging videos that go viral

When you know how to make engaging, “viral” videos, you’ll never stop creating content and eventually finding new clients.

 How to be booked and paid as an international public speaker

Learn to find speaking gigs and be paid for doing what you love. We will share the secrets of how to keep yourself busy as a public speaker, magnetising HIGH PAYING Clients Quickly.

 How to run your own events

Create your own events and fill the room with potential clients. We will share 3 strategies on how to have successful events that help you grow your business.

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